/// ZOTHMUND ///

After a few years my graduation film is able to be shar(k)ed here finally.





Homemade C-3PO puppet made of plastic, paper, pens, wires, table tennis ball and painted by a beautiful golden spray.


DIY Shark belt

I show you in five steps how to do very easily a photo based belt for yourselft!

1. Choose a picture.

2. You need a belt with a flat buckle. I had a little deep surface so first of all you have to fix it. You can put some layers of paper by simple glue. Check the buckle size (mm x mm) and add this size to your image and print on an adhesive paper.

3. Cut out and stick it.

4. Important part! You have to cover the image by a plastic foil to save it from dirt and water what you get when you wear something. In a paper shop you can buy a simple transparent adhesive foil glossy or matte. I chose matte. When you cut leave it bigger to have a safety area because when you stick it also to the sides of the buckle the water can't reach the image easily.  

5. Its done!



Ladies and Gentlemen it's time to invite you in the bubbly-dangerous world of Zothmund.





LUNCH BOX Black Edition

I bought a new body, stickers and chrome wheels from the US for my radio control car the 1:12 Tamiya Lunch BOX. I have spent a lot of f. days by painting the body to reach the black shining beauty there are like 7-8 layers on it. After I fixed the stickers and the lightings and went out to chaaaase the dog!