3D project was called Left Side Drive

I'm on the way to finish my examination film from MA1.
I have got a huge macintosh monster computer with 8 core from animation department for rendering. One picture around 3-6 minutes instead of 20-30 as my computer worked before with only 2 core. The final movie is goes to be 4,5 minutes long. I have to finish before the graduation can be continuited.


***Zothmund Visual Taster***

I've found the final visual of Zothmund project. I used an inner shadow and a raster as a stylized noise to broke the simple, homogene shapes. Sometimes I'm bored my style so I'm glad to use this raster as something new.

I was drawing on paper but the colors, shadows and rasters are done by computer.

I will use 2D animation in Anime Studio like the Frog-tango. It's not a frame by frame drawing technic rather a paper cut animation with bones, moving-flowing vector points and flexible movements. I can use the raster as a texture for the selected shape in animation aaaand it's possible to scale, move too.

The left character is from 2008 and the rights the new. He is a fisher-hunter boy, he eats fishes but a bigger fish also can eat him. And one of the most important I want to make a real toy from him and the shark too.

My concept is based on a complementary colors, the air and the "normal world" is yellowish and the water is bluish. This is the reason for the yellow bubbles, because I'm bored to use blue bubbles. So the color of Zothmund's skin changes too and the glasses are always inverse. Not to mention that the yellow and the blue are a typical diver colors.

His room has one fisheye view and try to collect every kind of fish things. The floor, his stuffs as a surf ironing board, fishing chair, aquarium tv and a klippan sofa from ikea. His car parking inside.
The shark has a nightmare, ghost version and it comes in and try to hurt, bite, catch him. I have only one version of it in the video.

The city where he flees by car is a shower-soap-flacon-skyscraper city. I use just a form however I think it's better if I do more understandable of this bathroom things. We will see.

I was thinking how to draw a GREAT white shark, because a lot of drawings of shark are so stipud and to much "angry" and lame. I like a pretty cool shark wich is funny and frightening enough. This also goes to be a toy, if it opened his mouth it would be amazing!

I'm planing to make some live action scenes when a child play with them in the bath. The child around 5 years old, is a real child and his toys too. The live action and the animation scenes will change eachother step by step as the real world and the playing time are combined.
I met three child to exam and watch them how they play. Two of them are a brothers, Berci (7 years old) and Marci (5) could sit in the bath. I printed out and laminated the figures so they played with them like a toys. Gabi (5) had no bath and he rather wanted to play with cars. Every children liked the camera and they made ourselves funny faces. They talked about horror and everybody ate everybody there was no peace. You can see the color of live action is yellowish too like in Zothmund's world.

Well I won't use blood in the movie but they won't drink a cup of tea next to eachother. As I haven't have animatic yet I made a concept video of this slides with music and a little animation to explain the genre and give an impression. I used a original sound track of Leon the professional -The Fight (part 2 - Bring Me Everyone) as a temp music (example music). I like this classical, scary but sometimes funny music, my favourite is the submarine drum.
The scenes of life footage shark are from the tv. The Animal Planet had a shark month in autum and I recorded it.

So this is the point where I'm now, enjoy the concept video, the small short taster of Zothmund!

Zothmund Animation Graduation
2013 MOME MA