I have graduated at Mome Animation Master degree.
About my film. It isn't a complete version what I have done. I am planning to continue it in the end of summer. I have record the live action scenes with a sweet little child and with my GoPro and I think these are a really nice videos but my Serious Adult Commenters (SAC) can't understand it. You know this kind of humor cames from the Nickelodeon channel like Sponge bob or Chowder. In this program they change the technic sometimes and you can watch live action scenes with pirots or David Hasselhoff. The SAC had a problem with the child swimming suit because his mother take care of his child and as it was sooo naturally for me. So you can't see any cocks in my film. I am sure if I show small penisis in my graduation film it would be a same problem. I am not this artist who works with this parts of the people. But I have one great and simple idea to do it! So for me it's a challenge.
I can show some stills which are the final pictures from my film. I like the taste of these pictures but I am missing something salt or sweet details. I will see.