*** Graduation film -Zothmund ***

I have started the last year at the university. The master graduation is rather based on the five years instead of just the two. So I am try to collect everything knowledge and push it in this film.

My project based on my get entry comic what I draw five years ago, the first thing for mome. Its a very simple Jaw's story, Zothmund the diver catch a shark, as his job or a request but at the and we have a joke.

I would like to record the and as a live-action with a real toys what I will make after the final character design. Now with my teachers we working on the story but i need time to let trickling out the happenings and what-why things.
I have some digital paintings for the solution of water and bubbles. I would like to show this fall in scene slowly to enjoy the different material as the water give you this special feeling.

And I have some page of storyboard which are only the first idea! I have wanted to make a fried eggs breakfast scene for a long time and a driving scene too like in the Drive movie. His car is a Citroen DS from 1972, it's called shark.
The under water scenes are still in work in progress brainstorming.

The graduation exam is include an essay too which theme is so closer to the film. I am reading a books about child fantasy and psychology, mitology, shark legends and surrealism.


NIFF 2012

I was in Greece at the Naoussa International Film Festival (NIFF) with my girlfirend and Mátyás Lanczinger. The organization was perfect they booked a hotel room with breakfast and meal we lived here for 5 days. The festival itself was small, screenings in two rooms, experimental, fiction (live action shorts) and animation section with a lot of child. Our films (by mome) were succesfull a lot of friendly people said we were professional. The sea was visited too it wasn't in the neighbour by train one, one and half hour but we swam and had a sunbath, a good greece coffee too. Perhaps next year we can go again with new films. ;)