Homemade Millenium Falcon Tutorial ©

I show you in 8 steps how could I made a Millenium Falcon spaceship from Star Wars. It was a christmas gift to my girlfriend like last year the Darth Vader. I used 2 special things, a transparent plastic cd what you can get if you buy 10 pieces cd or dvd in one tube and my old camera what I broked 3 years ago.

1. The cd and a stronger paper were the base.

2. The second step I cut some piece of wood and a paper roll which were glued to the base.

3. I repeated the first step and the spaceship form was ready.

4. The bigger part of the process is comming now. My idea was that I could put every kind of small things to this body like a microchips, batteries, cardboard, cup of pens, cup of coke and pepsi bottles as staying neutral.

5. To cut and glue this things I have 2 great tools! One is a small electric saw with different heads and the other is the most useful glue gun. With these fantastic stuff it's ridiculously easy to build a small maketts. You can see the sony camera on the left-up corner.

6. When the detailed ship body was ready I needed a stand which was a cd cover and one piece of pen. The pen went exactly inside the body, to the hole of the transparent plastic cd.

7. I bought a cheap paint spray and I gave 3 thin layers to the spaceship which is immediatelly looked amazing.

8. And the last step, the Millenium Falcon has some colors which are so characteristic. Some part are red and dark grey and of course the stand had a matt black color aaaand the gift was ready.

I spent around 4 days to do this but I had to wait because of the paint. My girlfirend took a picture and shared on facebook and we get 34 likes so qiuckly! :D