Essemble -Lisbon

I was in Lisbon, Portugal where the last essemble module was organized. The weather was 16 °C foggy and sunny too but we didn't go for holiday we had to work on our project. The workshops talked about post production I could watch how the motion capture system (mocap) works which "copies" the real human movement to computer 3D as in the Avatar movie.


***Darth Vader Xmas Gift***

I made a Darth Vader figure for my girlfriend as a Christmas gift because she is a crazy fan of Star Wars. I used a lot of small electric things around my table and my computer, what haven't already worked, like a mouse, usb cables, headset, microchips and the glue gun. These things have an outlook as the Star Wars and it was easy to collect because usually I don't throw them away. I have a same way statue from the past.

I bought two battery a switch and some LED for the lightsaber and for the character.

My girlfriend couldn't say anything she loves it. :)