***Tamiya Lunch Box***

This is the time to introduce kritshow's new friend
the huge Tamiya Lunch Box from 1987!
This model is an RTR one (ready to run) electric 1/12 dodge monster van. The japanese tamiya rc company made it in 1987 and its still popular nowadays. The exact size: lenght 38. 5 width 29 height 22,5 cm weight 1.56 kg.
The model without lights, I made it from rc car flashing light system. I cut a small plastic cover for the index and the rear lights from a broken real light. He runs something like 35-40 km/h and at the start he can stand up on two wheels which is really awesome!

Now the owner name is Vanessa, i will change to kritshow, on the numberplate too and I am on to make a roof rack to save the body of rollovering. And the original commercial from '80 is this:


Fendör Sticker

This is the first time when I sold my character rights, so you can by my sticker and badge in Keddshop at the Margit-bridge, Buda side. My brother gave the name "Fendör" and I liked it.

***** Sicily 2012 *****

I was one month in Sicily at Valerio and Katrin, with Zoli Fritz.
They ask our help for the graduation movie of them. Zoli was the master of Flash and I was the king of anime studio. Kat and Vale have one-one cabala figure what they wanted to use for this movie. Kat has a mushroom-boy, Valerio has a magenta snail. So we wrote a script, we drawn storyboard and animatic, layouts and we animated together. The scenes were separated as used by anime studio or flash and Zoli's friend made a music like a game music, because now they are working on the game and the short film is just a pilot for it. I can show the trailer:

This one month was really great, fantastic place, everyday we had fun and nice travels. We were on a lot of beach, in the north, little village, Savoca where The Godfather was shooted, we climbed to the Etna, everyday eated icecream and granita...OMG!
So if you meet erasmus students be friendly because you would never know what this friendship gives in the future! I made photo sequencies movie, Zoli shooted them, and the music is a famous sicilian singer, Roy Paci.

More info about them at Crabtoon.it
Zoli and me diving a lot we bought a waterproof camera and I edited something funny about him.

I made another experimental short film in this time for
one pretty girl.

Thats not all but thanks ciaooo!