Homemade AT-AT Imperial Walker ©

The Imperial Walker one of the most characteristic star wars figure in my opinion. I loved to do it.
The first step I was looking around some wood boards and I just cut them.

The glue gun is a really useful tool everybody should have it.

So the base is ready now we have to find a lot of little stuffes. As usual I have a big box of everything useless things but in this case I used a strong paper for cover the wooden body.

The eye of the walker is a cut out rear bicycle lamp which is transparent. I glued an aluminium foil behind it and left a hole so the light from the top can go inside and the foil gives a reflection soooo this lamp is looked glowing.
Of course after that I painted the all body and made a black board from two cd cases.

It's done in 3 days paid the grey paint 1.200 Ft is 4.00 €.